This service covers SAP On-premise application support for SAP products, databases and operating systems.

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This service is based on procedures established through UX (User Experience). Used to perform maintenance remotely with E2E (End to End) secure connections using SAP SNC encryption.

We are aware of the need to listen and understand the training needs of our clients in order to offer them effective solutions that help them in the development of their organization. That's why we give SAP specialized training in modules of BC, GRC, PI & abap

It validates the operation of SAP, an exhaustive study of the vulnerabilities of the systems (Servers, architecture ...), compliance with SAP Best Practices. With our SinvSec service SAP security will increase substantially with systems maturity reviews and between systems, role study and their risks. You also have to have security in the systems that are calling and connecting with the outside like webdispatchers, portals, saprouters, ...

This service is based on a consultancy on the customer's environments obtaining the total number of users per type of SAP licenses, resulting in a report so that the potential customer can subsequently make a comparison between the SAP licenses used and those purchased, verifying that they are not Have oversized the licenses or are using more than the obtained.

This service is based on making projects to measure SAP. Implementation, development. From any SAP module. We divide them into 3 parts and each part into other 3. Technology, functional & analytical with its maintenance, consulting & auditing / consulting.

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We give access to our experience in performing SAP procedures in DOC, XLS for daily or special requests such as note application, transport order requests, Jobs, users / roles ... It can be combined with SinvSupport & SinvConnect services.