You may have heard the phrase "Internet of Things" - or IoT - at some point, but you could also be scratching your head to find out what it is or what it means.

The IoT refers to a network of Internet-connected objects capable of collecting and exchanging data using built-in sensors (other than typical computers and smartphones). Cars, kitchen appliances, and even pacemakers can be connected through the IoT. And as the Internet of things grows in the coming years, more devices will join that list.

It is expected that there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on Earth by 2020. That's about four devices for every human being on the planet. And as we get closer to that point, $ 6 billion will flow into IoT solutions, including application development, device hardware, system integration, data storage, security, and connectivity. But that will be money well spent, since those investments will generate $ 13 billion in 2025.

SAP will launch a new product line called SAP IoT. This will leverage SAP's existing HANA platform and focus on applying advanced learning / analysis to the large amount of data collected by devices.

Geospatial processing, serial data and location services
Manage and monitor remote devices while getting real-time information
Create next-generation, real-time machine-to-machine and IoT applications
Develop IoT solutions for various business line and industry use cases


The SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the platform in the form of memory, facilitates the creation, implementation and execution of applications that take advantage of the Internet of Things.
Access and connect all your devices, manage your individual life cycles and control them remotely.
Take advantage of the analytical capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform to detect patterns in data flows of machines and sensors.
Use information about device data to trigger appropriate actions in your enterprise systems and leverage the IoT capabilities of the SAP HANA cloud platform to deliver new types of services.

Technical Capabilities

Internet of Things services can help you remotely monitor and manage connected devices. They can also securely transmit device data to the SAP HANA cloud platform.
Use built-in SAP HANA engines for prediction or geo-spatial analysis - and visualize data with advanced analysis that automates network edge penetrations.
Connect directly to devices or connect through a third-party cloud using the flexible connectivity capabilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Connect your IoT scenarios in the cloud with your enterprise systems in the enterprise to trigger actions in your processes and easily access the device information.