"The current technology allows facing unimaginable challenges a few years ago, but it is their correct implementation and integration in the structure of the company that will meet the expectations of usersusuarios"

Integration of business processes: Definition of transactional processes and intelligent construction of efficient gateways to the company's productivity systems and databases, creating effective multi-channel communication systems with customers.

Greater efficiency
If business processes are well defined and integrated with the company's productivity and communication systems, it will be more effective in any interaction with its customers.

Tailor made service
When an interaction occurs with a client and the systems give us the most outstanding and recent information of this, even with recommendations, the result is a custom service, totally personalized.

Automation of information acquisition
The correct integration of business processes facilitates the entry of data into the system. When someone is interacting with a customer and has company systems at their disposal, entering data during interaction speeds up the immediacy with which the entire company can know the information.

For a correct process of contact with the client, it is basic to have the adequate information and available at the moment in which we receive the communication. Once the company determines the level of service it wants to provide its customers has to put in place the right structure to meet this goal.

As a rule, there are different information and production systems in the company, which are often not interrelated, much less related to support and customer support systems. It is in this situation in which business processes have to be defined in detail and productivity, information, service and communications systems must be integrated into a common goal; Customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this way, a correct infrastructure supported by effective business processes has to result in a quality service for the client, more resilient and lower cost. A really efficient service

The integration of business processes is usually done in conjunction with intelligence in the management of interactions, since the more integration can better define the business rules and processes that lead to a correct addressing of customers.

Integration of contact data with your business data
List of pre-sales and after-sales activity of each interaction
Direct access to the most common transactions of each contact
Integrated and multichannel management of each contact, business transactions and knowledge databases