In recent times there is much talk about innovation, however, it is one thing to say that "you have to innovate" and another thing is to sit down and do it.

Most companies and professionals are faced with how to do things differently but following the premise that the goal should be that it brings value to someone and therefore profitability to the innovator, do not know where to start, What to think about, who to incorporate into the process or how to integrate it into the way they do things.

The customer, who is the essential element of our company, can be a good starting point for the development of innovations and, even more, it brings a great advantage: starting with the perspective of providing value for someone from the beginning of the process Of innovation, avoiding the failure of many "inventions" (which in any case, can become innovations, or not?).

In any case, this is not the only method, but one more, and many innovative companies that use others and work superbly.
The first problem that we will face, if we want the customer as a source of innovation is to know what is what the customer wants or believes want. And this, which may seem obvious, is not an easy question to answer, so that, at another time, we will incorporate initiatives and contents in this regard. But assuming we know how to answer that question: what does the client want? We will take a next step, how can we innovate from what he already has? This is what some authors call client-centric innovation.

Simplifying the process, it is about knowing who our customers are and what they need at any moment. Of course, in practice this is much more complicated. In many cases:

Only customers are involved in innovation processes as a source or receiver of information or as co-developers of products and services.
It does not involve different types of clients in different types of activities and with different levels of participation.