The Sinvidian® solution for service-oriented architectures (SOA) enables your IT organization to create a layer of data services based on reusable metadata in a SOA, a crucial element that is often overlooked. This solution addresses all of the data requirements of an SOA, including access, volume, latency, transformation, quality, and data delivery. This implementation solution allows your IT organization to provide timely and reliable data (at the time and place your company needs them) to improve the agility.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
Providing a unified and complete customer perspective that includes important transactional data
Improve decision making
Providing quick and direct access to consistent, accurate data that the business needs and trusts
Accelerate time to market and reduce development costs
Providing a layer of common data services based on metadata and integrated models and complex transformations that increase productivity and reuse
Improve adaptability and IT agility
In response to changing business needs with a flexible data abstraction layer and providing real-time access to data with any latency
Reuse existing assets and resources
Leveraging Informatica's existing sets of competencies and services in projects, as well as the largest ecosystem of independent data integration partners and developers
Reduce the complexity of integration
Replacing data integration and traditional end-to-end applications with common, reusable and flexible data services
Minimize the risks of downtime or service interruptions
Providing a scalable, secure, reliable, high-performance data and service integration foundation
Minimize the risk of projects lengthening
With an agile data integration framework and initial data quality certification
Support compliance and reduce risks
Implicating from the beginning to the business users in the creation and validation of rules and allowing an effective change management through the graphical analysis of impact and the lineage of data