It is a set of automated technology and business services and a source of computing resources available through the internet. Computer resources include computing capabilities, storage and bandwidth as well as development platform and software services are scalable instantly, delivered as needed and with a cost model based on actual resource consumption.

Its benefits

Cloud-based services offer the following benefits

Cost Effectiveness
Quick response to new business needs

Cloud Types

It can be divided into 3 types

Public Cloud (External Cloud)

The resources are offered dynamically in the form of self-service through the internet

It offers services of variable infrastructure in a system of "payment for use"

Private Cloud (Internal Cloud)

It runs within the organization behind the corporate firewall and is only accessible to users in the organization

IT environment under customer control
Generally it is the evolution towards the virtualisation of the own IT systems

Hybrid cloud

It is composed of both external and internal suppliers. It is the configuration to which many companies are going.

Hybrid clouds require interaction between public and private clouds

SAP Products in Cloud

These are the products SAP has in the cloud

Good Reasons for SAP Cloud Computing

Fast deployment time, providing fast access to functionality
Reduced IT efforts because both the operation and the maintenance of the hardware and software are the responsibility of the supplier
Flexibility due to underwriting contracts rather than license agreements and "pay what you use" concepts
Scalability to support changing business needs and support growth