Discover how you can get to critical events quickly using a real online analysis. SAP combines complex event processing (CEP) technology with the SAP HANA platform to give you the agility that companies need to make fast, cost-effective decisions.

It is the ocean of information in which we swim every day - vast terabytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices and other technologies. With the right solutions, organizations can dive into all the data and get valuable information, previously unimaginable. Discover how Big Data technologies and analytics tools can transform your business today into an information show.


Business processes can run 10,000 to 100,000 faster with SAP HANA, use powerful in-memory platforms
Virtualize data through a Big Data logical store and form an idea without moving the data
Analyze real-time streaming data with SAP Event Stream Processor (SAP ESP) and take immediate action
Combine Big Data with the mobile to deliver anywhere, anytime your Business Intelligence (BI)

Its Benefits

Faster data storage and business analysis with near-zero latency
Increased production for extreme processing of transactions
Extend access to critical knowledge: anytime, anywhere and from any device
Optimized business applications and processes

Business Analysis

Can be divided into 3 parts

SAP BI: Business intelligence

Storage of information

Get visual reports of business processes.
Analyze yields
Quantify relevant information
Adjust business strategies quickly
Modify the business model as needed.

SAP BOBJ: Business objects

Data presentation

It allows you to transform complex data into an integrated dashboard.
Web Intelligence
Es una herramienta de consulta en línea a través de una navegador vía Web.
It is a tool that allows any user to search, to explore, to analyze and to export the data that exist in the database of the company
It is a tool that allows you to have remote access to your reports, parameters and data in real time, just by clicking on your mobile device.
Live Office
It is a tool that allows you from Microsoft Office, to consult information from Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence or from external data sources

SAP Lumira

Organizes, investigates and analyzes data

A solution for designing graphical visualizations that facilitate the exploration and analysis of the data.
Provides basic functionalities of an ETL tool to group and adjust data

It may be a public view of SAP HANA
Cleans, performs calculations and groups.
The data is stored in columnar storage (by columns).