Sinvidian is passionate about new technologies and we love to tackle new SAP projects, but also web projects, we make your business on the internet better than you could have imagined, trust us your project because we will take care of offering you personalized advice, web pages From people to people, because your project will be our project. We have many years of experience in Internet, programming, design, SEO, security, etc.

The maintenance of web and blogs in wordpress for companies and professionals can sometimes be tedious and it is necessary that somebody gives you that help with works on the manager more specialized or heavy, we can even arise an incidence that you do not know to solve, a screen White, a php error in wordpress, dozens of possible surprises that lack of technical knowledge is evident that can be solved.

For this the best solution is to outsource all the tasks and possible incidents, solving all possible problems that leads to a wordpress management precipitated and without sufficient technical basis, any update can break our database for an incompatibility causing the loss of our precious Company website.

Below we describe the technologies, languages, frameworks and preprocessors that we use in our developments, a whole set of resources that help us to get that idea of web page that you have in mind, this is not intended to be an exhaustive list nor valid valid for training , Only a small technical description very superficial of the set of resources that we handle in Sinvidian to develop and design your web page or allow the management of the content on your part.


WordPress is the most popular content manager because of the ease of use it offers to the end user when it comes to publishing content, an excellent CMS manager.


HTML 5 The web language that is changing the rules of the game in web design and development, a before and after in the programming of web pages, multiple possibilities of multimedia management and semantic code.