In the Sinvidian® Project we offer multiple SAP technology services. Our consulting services cover different areas of implementation and improvement in SAP systems, including installations of new products or evolutions of already productive systems.

The SAP Technology team offers multiple modules, such as ...

SAP Basis
SAP Solution Manager
SAP Enterprise Portals

We direct our catalog of SAP services and solutions to companies from all sectors. The range of expertise of our consultants regarding clients is very broad, ranging from large corporations and business groups to midmarket companies.

The SAP Technological team is focused on the provision of specialized personnel in SAP Systems with knowledge of:


Preventive, Corrective and Evolutionary Maintenance.
Automated Monitoring
Solution Manager
Authorization Management
Transportation Systems Management
Data refresh
Homogeneous Copies
Heterogeneous Copies
System Restore
Update patches, notes, kernel
Applications of Notes
Automated Monitoring
System Upgrades


Systems Installation
We install any new SAP products necessary for the growth of our customers.
Systems Tuning
Performing the proper parameterization of your systems is key to improving performance.
Customized development
We make specific configurations for each client
Systems Upgrade
We upgrade versions of any SAP system that the customer needs to migrate.
Cost Analysis of the SAP Infrastructure
Calculation of the consumption of system resources.


Systems Sizing
We make sure that there is a procedure appropriate to the size of the SAP instances
Security (GRC)
We analyze the security of the systems infrastructure (You can see the SinvSec Service)
Maturity Studies & SAP Architecture
We provide a study of the current systems architecture and an exhaustive analysis of its platform
Code analysis and improvement proposal